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Our Vision

To work with clients in understanding how best to deploy information and communication technologies within their business which enhance and improve business process. To identify suppliers and vendors that share this vision and are committed to developing their products in line with the Novo IT vision. To engage staff in a challenging and rewarding career which is focused on being proactive in their service delivery to clients.

Our Mission

To build proactive long-term professional relationships with clients, helping them to maximise or enhance their business processes through the use of relevant information and communications technologies.

Our Approach

Our approach to Information and Technology (IT) management is to align your IT resources to that of your business goals and objectives. To ensure that they are scalable, agile, and fit for purpose.

 We work with businesses that recognise that unless all their scarce resources are aligned to fulfil their business objectives, they simply will not achieve them. The IT industry has for far too long been separate to the business planning process and respective accountabilities. The IT industry has grown on the basis that a new "shiny box" will fix it... and ring us if it breaks.

Novo IT works with business leaders as well as their respective in house ICT experts to help align these often separate agendas. Novo IT​ ensure business leaders are confident that the ICT requirements of their business's enhance information capture and reporting, systems and procedures, internal and external communication and also provide the ability to do business and manage the associated risks such a reliance upon ICT resources has in 2015 and onwards.