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Our History

AVC and Dev+ became Novo IT Australia.

AVC was focused on server and network infrastructure delivery for the last twenty eight years. Over the last five years AVC focused on the management of client server and network infrastructure and in the last couple of years consulting. DEV+ had been an application development and SharePoint business with strong coding skills. 

With the direction of cloud computing and the move to cloud native applications approach to infrastructure, AVC and Dev+ integrated the two businesses together to form a single entity that focused on a "new" way of delivering applications and infrastructure in a very proactive fashion.

Novo IT integrated the skillsets across the two businesses to ensure that the coding and development skills were an integrated part of the traditional offerings around managed services and project services.

We saw this approach as essential to meeting our clients IT requirements from 2016 onwards. The key is that both we, and our clients, "think different" about how to deliver services and ensure that we help our clients continue to "lead digital" their business transformations.  It is about a "new" approach to ICT services & consulting

Novo is Latin for "new & change".