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Coal terminal leaves IT handling to the experts

Posted on 2/10/2014 9:00 AM

​Our Client

Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) is a coal exporting facility on Australia's east coast, 70 km south of Sydney. It serves two of the nation's richest coal reserves, the Southern and Western coalfields of New South Wales, exporting high quality coking and steaming coal around the world. BHP Billiton operates PKCT on behalf of a consortium of coal producers, whose chief interests are fast, reliable and cost-effective handling at the port.

PKCT has a reputation for quick vessel turnaround times, and its ability to handle multiple cargo sizes up to 166,000 tonnes. Excellent rail and road infrastructure, well-managed stockpiles at the terminal, and modern, computerised reclaiming and loading facilities all contribute to the coal terminal's success.

Business Problem

PKCT had 130 desktop PCs amongst 260 users, and 30 servers on one site. Given the lack of a dedicated, in-house IT team, and with no infrastructure support, this was a high volume to maintain. Flavio Tonini, Business Services Manager at PKCT, points out that the challenge was only compounded when the terminal was in continuous, 24-hour operation.

"We were unable to maintain our level of service, with the existing IT set-up," says Tonini. "We needed immediate help to manage real-time, day-to-day technology issues."

There is no room for error in consistent, reliable cargo handling. The consortium's management team decided to outsource IT administration and maintenance, and contacted Novo IT for advice.  

Novo IT Solution

Novo IT's Managed Services Team designed a comprehensive support, monitoring and maintenance program for PKCT's managed infrastructure.

The package included 24/7 fault logging, and a service desk for support and fault resolution. Novo IT managed all desktops and incidents. Novo IT took on the responsibility of vendor management, such as the logging of technical calls to vendors when required.

Novo IT also conducted PKCT's asset management, which lightened even more of the coal terminal's IT load. Novo IT developed user-friendly, self-help documentation to help PKCT staff quickly get up to speed on standard tasks.

Tonini says, "I've heard all the bad stories about outsourced IT never really working out. To be honest, this couldn't be further from the truth with Novo IT."

Client Outcomes

With Novo IT's Managed Services Team on board, PKCT enjoyed smoother day-to-day operations, and peace of mind that technology was in the hands of experts. Any I​T issues that arise are now quickly logged and resolved.

PKCT workers are empowered by self-help to become more efficient, which has led to increased productivity and user satisfaction.

Tonini says, "Outsourcing I​T maintenance to Novo IT has saved us time, resources and headaches."

PKCT's focus has returned to providing a safe, reliable and cost effective bulk material handling service for customers, and ensuring compliance with codes, standards and regulatory requirements. ​


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