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Express Glass - Application Development

Posted on 28/01/2016 11:39 AM

Mobile-friendly solution a s​​mashing success for Australian repairer. ​

​​​Our Clie​​nt

Express Glass is an Australian-owned family business and h​as been in the emergency glass replacement business for more than 25 years. It operates 24/7 every day of the year, servicing households and businesses Australia-wide through its multiple branches and an extensive network of local glaziers.

With its tailored service delivery model, Express Glass has achieved dominance in the business and property management sectors. More recently, the company has gained a strong foothold in the insurance sector. ​

​Business C​​ase

Reece van Vliet, Operations Manager at Express Glass, explains, "Before the storms we were very busy. After the storms we were inundated, and as a result were faced with a significant challenge with the volume of orders."

Job schedules were prepared well in advance. The sheer volume of orders and urgent nature of repairs, however, meant that service dates were a moving feast. Customers needed to be advised of any changes to service dates.

"We relied on our Call Centre Team to individually contact customers with any updates," says Reece van Vliet. It was clear that this method was not sustainable, and threatened to overwhelm operations during a critical period for the company. 

​Novo IT Sol​​ution

"I called Novo IT for help, and they 'got it' straight away," says Reece van Vliet. "Within two hours they'd sent me a solution design for initial approval."

With the project flagged as high priority, that same afternoon Novo IT supplied a business proposal outlining the solution, outcomes, expectations and all costs.

Novo IT created a simple website and mobile applications to allow customers to check their job status online from any desktop or mobile device, by entering their job or insurance claim number. The mini-site sits on the home page of Express Glass's main website, and customers can also subscribe to receive email alerts. A bulk SMS was sent to more than 2,500 customers, providing a link to ensure access from their mobile phones.

At the back end, Express Glass simply uploads date changes in bulk, using an Excel spreadsheet.

The site was built on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform, enabling it to be up and running almost immediately. The Novo IT team used ASP.NET server-side code for the site, to optimize performance, speed and security. 

Client Outco​mes

The site was a clear winner for both Express Glass and its customers. The Express Glass Call Centre breathed a collective sigh of relief, as they no longer needed to make individual phone calls for every service date change. This freed them up to focus on their day-to-day customer service activity.

For customers, the convenience of mobile applications and reassurance of communication from Express Glass was unmatched. It was warmly welcomed in a time of uncertainty, with so many businesses and residents anxiously awaiting emergency glass repairs.

Van Vliet sums it up, saying, 'It was quick, simple and pain-free. This site has been a massive help to our organisation.'

Beyond the backlog of orders, the site continues to provide easy, mobile-friendly customer service, which aligns perfectly with the promise of 'express' 24/7 emergency glass replacement.

For additional information on how Novo IT can assist with Information Systems in your organisation contact or call 02 4220 0700​​​


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